Messing Penny Lock

Dit slot werd in Engeland gebruikt als toegang tot openbare toiletten.

19e eeuw


A solid brass 'penny in the slot' toilet door lock. 
This is where the saying ‘spend a penny originated from as that’s what it cost you back in day 1800 to1900's to use a toilet.

To gain entry to the toilet, you just have to drop a penny in the slot of the lock. The penny you have just deposited will then engage the lock, allowing you slide the knob and open the door and once released the penny will then drop into the coin box for later collection.

Once inside the cubical, by locking the door from the inside (a slide bolt) the movement of the slide bolt will change the indicator sign on the outside lock from ‘Vacant’ to ’Engaged’.  To exit just slide the bolt and turn the internal door knob to exit.

The lock is very heavy at approximately 2.7 kg and is in good condition.

Lock dimensions are 13’’ (33cm) Height. 4 1/4''(10,5cm) Wide. 2 1/4’’ (6cm) Depth including knob

The lock is fully working and comes with keys to open coin box, and override key to gain emergency access to the toilet.  Also the original doorknob and slide bolt.